This is Me, Illustrated.

beautiful adventures
beautiful adventures
Beautiful Adventures, by Dan-Ah Kim.
Kim describes herself as a “Brooklyn-based artist with a lot of wanderlust,” who says her work is “narrative, slightly surreal experiences and adventures that are interested in exploring the world.”

So much to say.  So little time to tell it in.  So I won’t.  Only this.

Four days left.

I am melting in Saigon.  Hot, sweaty and oozing of love.  Looking forward to the coming winter in that island country in the South Pacific and to bundle up with the same, delicious sorts of things.

Amen. Namaste. Thank you to whoever or whatever gave me such gifts.

3 thoughts on “This is Me, Illustrated.

  1. Wishing you the best for you final four days. Drink it all in! Write more often! Your stories and experiences are exciting and always leave us wanting for more!! Don’t disappoint us!

  2. Ah i am sad your time is almost over :( but DELIGHTED to be having you back soon. Cant wait to see you and hear all your tales in person. Missed you lady x

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