Paul: You should write another blog post.

Me: Yeah, I know. I feel like I have been so whiny in my last couple of posts.

Paul: Yeah. [pause] You should write a new post apologizing about that.


Sooo, sorry. My bad.

That being said and (minor) sarcasm aside, I wanted to share one of my favorite poems I happily stumbled upon several years ago. The poet, who died from AIDS fifteen years ago, and his words prove that even when life is cruel, you can be just as happy as you choose to be.

I can’t promise to always be chipper, but I know the heart of life is “yes”.


By Charles John Pace

the morning is my lamp and I say yes
the rain that dances slowly is a sister of the sun
so I shall smile and eat bright candy
on the funny prismed bow of sister’s streaming hair
I will paint the yellow leaves a different hue
and sing forever on the land that is my mother
and is yes

for I am young and I am yes
and I will yes and I shall yes and
let no thought repeal my laughter in the darkness
which is old so like a father who is dying

no gray
for I shall make my world of crystal
that shines brightly on the green
and in the freely flowing waters
of the streams within my dreams
and in the night I’ll light a candle
in the promise of a morning and a day
it’s as I say:
I’m yes
I’m yes


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