Hot soup and memories.

"The Spirits I've Been" by Dan-Ah Kim.

My childhood smells like incense and fish sauce, Of bone and star anise simmering in a thick stew on the stove Full of yesterday’s leftovers Transformed into something new. My father was good at this. With food, he could create new beginnings From the old and the stale. He could make good things better AndRead more

On Figuring it All Out

Tonight, I feasted on clams with lemongrass and barbequed oysters topped with green onion and peanuts. I bit through the shells of crab covered in hot chili oil, so spicy it burned my lips, watered my eyes, made me cry and laugh at the same time, and sucked out nutty flakes of red and whiteRead more

How I came to be (and what the hell Tiger Bomb is).

My father immigrated to the United States in or around 1980.  The Vietnam War was over and he found himself on the losing side of long, bitter and terrible fight.  After spending time in a Malaysian refugee camp, he found asylum first in France, then in Sacramento, California and finally in Reno, Nevada. I wasRead more