Being and doing on the Atiwhakatu River.


Paul is collecting fallen twigs from beech trees, the dense dwellers of the Tarurua Range. He is building a morning fire in between a pile of rocks on one of the islets of the Atiwhakatu River we are lingering on.  It’s not a necessary fire. The sun is strong today and we are sheltered fromRead more

Hot soup and memories.

"The Spirits I've Been" by Dan-Ah Kim.

My childhood smells like incense and fish sauce, Of bone and star anise simmering in a thick stew on the stove Full of yesterday’s leftovers Transformed into something new. My father was good at this. With food, he could create new beginnings From the old and the stale. He could make good things better AndRead more

Do what you love with half of your heart, or as much as you can afford at the moment.

Fine, fine. Here is a more optimistic one.

Whelp, it’s a gorgeous Sunday in Wellington. I spent the morning down at Princess Bay throwing the rugby ball around with Paul and reading some hilarious yet insightful essays by David Foster Wallace on the beach. Ate a seafood pie for lunch, and let pastry and creamy chunks of crab and mussels drip down myRead more

Oh My God, I am an Expat.

After spending so much time in SE Asia, the word “expat” started to take on a fairly creepy meaning. If you’ve been to Vietnam (or any other Asian or developing country), you’ve seen them. White men. Somewhere between the ages of 50 to 65 years old. Big bellied. Almost always smokers and readily spotted atRead more